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This project captures the dreams of kids in San Ramon, Costa Rica, acting in the role of their dream job. Those pictured have chosen a range of careers from dentist, veterinarian, policeman, nurse, and computer engineer. These photos aim to encourage kids to set goals for their future and plant a seed for achieving their goals. In the same way, this project aims to inspire you to dream big and realize that your dreams are out there for the taking.
Aleskar Montero, Age 7, Dream: American Football PlayerJesus Gabriel Montoya, Age 10, Dream: Fútbol GoaliePaula Montoya, Age 12, Dream: Clothing DesignerJustin, Age 7, Deam: PolicemanKianny Sancho, age 11, Dream: Criminal InvestigatorDilana Michel Araya Mora, Age 11, Dream: NurseYahosca, Age 10, Dream: VeterinarianCristina Solis, Age 11, Dream: DentistGetsar, Age 6, Dream: PolicemanNixia Rodriguez, Age 13, Dream: Hair StylistDixiana Avendiano, Age 13, Dream: Computer EngineerGenesis Zuniga, Age 11, Dream: ChefCheryl Rojas Soto, Age 6, Dream: Nurse

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