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Ever since my first visit to Las Vegas 14 years ago, I was surprised by the large amount of people handing out small 'trading cards' advertising prostitution to pedestrians walking the strip. These portraits convey the feeling of walking down the Las Vegas strip and being saturated by the influx of these 'trading cards' and the large amount of people employed to hand them out. The age and race of the workers handing out the cards varies greatly. The ads on the cards are directed towards male tourists, and often people can be found collecting them as a souvenir of their trip to Las Vegas. Often these cards get discarded and can be found littering the ground by the end of the night. In these photographs it is clear that these workers, many of whom are immigrants, do not enjoy their job, and these portraits represent the current political spectrum in the United States and advocate on the behalf of these individuals who cannot find better work.

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