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East Palo Alto is an anomaly of Silicon Valley, divided from the million dollar residencies of Palo Alto by the 101 freeway. Sitting in the middle of the most expensive real estate in the entire United States, lies this small town of 2.5 square miles formerly known for poverty and crime. “EPA,” as it is fondly called by residents, once held the nation’s highest murder rater per capita in 1992. This is home for many lower-income families, but for how much longer remains to be seen as gentrification is happening at an alarming rate. The median price of a home in EPA is 500,000, a low cost for a home in Silicon Valley, and are quickly being snatched up by employees of nearby Google, Stanford, and Facebook. EPA highlights the large difference between classes of the American economic system. Using a discarded polaroid camera, these photographs symbolize the neighborhood of EPA and focus attention on the changing landscape of technology and income within Silicon Valley.
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