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The colorful yellow and green three-wheeled 150cc engine rickshaws of Delhi swarm the city like locusts and engulf it’s alleyways and streets.

Scraped and dented, the rickshaws cram into every available space in the city; a mirage of dusty traffic. Crammed with as many people as possible, the rickshaw drivers move the people of Delhi.

Merging in and out traffic, the ever-present beeping of horns fills your eardrums. Orange flowers and chili peppers adorn the steering wheel and front of the rickshaws, warding off evil spirits.

Bumping along unpaved roads the fresh air of the wind whipping through the cabin provides a pleasant relief from the humidity.

Traversing down narrow alleyways, around cows, and haggling prices is all part of the experience of attempting to arrive at your destination in the quickest way possible.

Decorated to individual driver’s taste, the rickshaws take on a personal aesthetic for the drivers and represent the lifeblood of India’s public transportation.